Our History

This institute was established in March 2009 owing to the day by day increasing educational needs of Pirmahal city and its territorial area. This institute has been established its highly remarkable recognition because of the Continuous struggle administration, endeavor and strenuous hard word of its companion’s. This institute is equally favorite among the teachers and pupils owing to its curriculum, co- curriculum activities, balanced education, excellent result and its faculty. This institute is unique in presenting remarkable results in science, commerce and arts. It is the only institute that has its own building, computer lab, science lab, standard class room, qualified staff, subject expert , psychologist, all these opportunities are the result of administration foresighted and long trial of effort, who are educating the students on the basis of their mental tendency and interest. This institute is quenching the thirst of tempted students since 2009 with unbeatable determination, reason and logic.

Vision and Mission

The main purpose of Faran Group of colleges is to create an educational atmosphere in the Pirmahal city and its territory and to provide education as well as built the characte and confidence of the pupil. This institute works day and night just for the progress and development of the students and enable them to achieve the heighten of the sky and face hassle with courage and firm determination. This institute not only focuses on the education background but especially pay heed on their character and religious belief as well.


1. Opening its door for all and sundry without any discrimination of caste, colour, age and sex.
2. Try to root out the illiteracy in the territory of pirmahal.
3. To enable the student to compete the world with courage.
4. To provide educational facilities to the students who cannot leave their houses for higher education.
5. Character development with emphasis on morality and growth of maturity.
6. Improvement in quality and day by day increasing standards of education on national level
7. To prepare leaders for various fields through holistic development of individual.
8. Equally emphasis on quality and quantity of education.

The mission of the Faran Group of Colleges is to establish, sustain and enhance itself as a quality-centric higher education institution that provides excellent academic environment and opportunities for creating educated, productive, and responsible citizens of Pakistan and the global citizenry through intellectual, personal and professional growth.

Core values

1. Honesty and truthfulness
2. Integrity
3. Originality
4. Consciousness
5. Firm determination
6. Distinction
7. Collaboration